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Saturday, April 24, 2004



Do you know anything about television set up in Buverias? Cable? Satelite? And what the name of the company is that provides these services?


There is no cable here but there is satellite. Mexico has DirectTV which is mostly Spanish language programming with CNN international, BBC, discovery Channel in English. There is also Sky TV which is similar. We currently have Star Choice which is Canadian. So far it is the best deal. There is a man in town who works with an outfit up in canada and they give you a Canadian address. You have to buy the satellite box which is a couple hundred dollars and then it's about $29 a month. They have all the networks plus movie channels and almost all in English. If you are interested I can get you more specific information. All of the above use the small dish. We are currently using our DirectTV dish for Star Choice.

We also recently got DSL for internet access through Telmex. That runs about $35 a month and is soooo much better than dial-up.


I have heard recently that cable is coming to Bucerias. I have no other information on it. Will keep you posted.


Im DYING to move to Bucerias after visiting but extremly worried about an income. Any advice?

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