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Monday, October 04, 2004



I like you, but that is not the correct ingredients for a real margarita.

First of all, since a margarita contains tequila there should be LEMON juice and not lime. Since you drink tequila with LEMON!

And yea, there should be sugar syrup aswell, just like you said.

Third, add an egg-white into the shaker among with the tequila, orange liquer, syrup and lemonjuice and SHAKE.

Thats how I make margaritas.

Ed Fladung

I'm sorry Jonathan but you are wrong. The reason is that Margaritas are a Mexican drink and until recently, it was not possible to find lemons in Mexico. At this time the only stores carrying lemons are the Walmart stores. The type of lime that can be grown here is the small key lime. These limes are not hybrids and grow everywhere here. All attempts that I know of to bring lemon trees here and grow lemons have failed. The reason is that lemons are a hybrid and when they cross fertilize with the local key lime trees the results are that the lemon trees revert to limes, producing only key limes. The use of lemons is a United States invention by folks who don't have access to limes.


Question: I want to try your receipe, (Yes I believe limes are for real margartias) but have a question: I know not to use bottled lime juice but to make a pitcher of margaritas, how many limes must I squeeze personally? This is the only pain in the butt that I forsee, since a pitcher may give my hubby & I (3) drinks each. With small kids I'm not sure I have the time/patience to squeeze 20 limes? Do you have any suggestions or tidbits? THANKS !!


When I'm in Mexico, they ONLY use LIMES. I've never gotten one with lemons while in Mexico.

Ed Fladung

In reply to Michelle: Sorry but somehow I missed your comment back in August. I use 3 limes per margarita. But realize that they are the small key limes, not the large ones. I use approximately 2/3 of a measure (I use a large Mexican shot glass) of lime juice for each drink. The way I make a Margarita, rarely does anyone come back for a second. I have never had anyone drink 3 of them. So typically I only have to squeese 3 small limes per person. Not a big deal.


I'm drinking one right now! It's perfect!

Thank you


I made your recipe for my girls night in and we had a blast! I made two pitchers and squeezed about 9 big-ish limes. It was delicous, most people only had one - it was powerful too! Thank you for your instructions!

Sarah Leitch

Fabulous margarita.
thanks. no problem squeezing limes for end result.
so much better than bottled mix. Just need the sunset.

John T.

Your recipe is great. In the U.S., I can get key lime juice from Florida and it tastes great!

Ayudame, por favor! I'm in Mexico now and the limes are sweeter and taste different. Where can I find Key Limes? Do they go by a different name here? I've tried limas (small size) and limas larger. I have seen very small Limones (lemons) that are green and about the size of a golf ball. I forget the other word with it (it begins with "a", but not limones acido). I've tried using less Jarabe, but I'm still missing the tart taste I crave.

Gracias desde Guadalajara


I use the small "limones" that are the size of a golf ball. They do tend to be a bit sweeter than the large limes. I just adjust the amount of lime juice to jarabe and Controy to get the tartness right. Some people don't use Jarabe at all, just Controy. You might try that with the small limones.

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