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Monday, October 04, 2004



Thanks for the recipe.
I ran beach bar in Puerto Escondido many years back(2000) and we made margaritas from the same 4 ingredients. I forgot the proportions of each and your recipe tastes quite delicious.

I also spent about 6 months between sayulita and P.V and camped at Bucerias when the highway construction started in 1999. What a great little town on the bay. Life is good.


OK, you're so right! This is an absolutely wonderful recipe! The great thing is that, in the little fishing village we're in, on the west coast of Mexico, a lot of the restaurants make the drinks this way! It's great! Thank you for the ability to make an authentic Mexican margarita!!!

Thank you also, for explaining so much, like the difference between 100% agave and what we have in Canada. I'm a big fan!!!

Vicki from Vancouver Island, BC, Canada


I just returned from Puerto Vallarta and, having had many delicious margaritas, took to search the web for a recipe. Let me say, this recipe is exactly how they are made in Mexico and they are delicious! I brought back with me a bottle of Landero's 100% de agave reposado tequila and one bottle of Casa Antigua orange-flavored tequila liquor (40 proof). In hindsight I wish had brought a bottle of Controy, but the man I spoke with assured me this tequila flavored liquor will make a nice margarita. I'm going to try it out today. Thanks for putting this up!

Dave Marsh

Very good Margarita and I can see why you don't drink too many of them. Your recipe is excellent.

Thank You

William Lower

I confess. I am one of those who likes frozen margaritas. (I have other character flaws, as well) and I am now living in Budapest, missing homemade margaritas. Apparently, Merix (sp?) TexMex in LA uses lemon and lime in their recipe. Tequila is hard to find here and very expensive but I am going to try some variation of your recipe this weekend. If you never hear from again, it was fatal. Wish me luck.

William Lower

Well, here I am in Budapest, not dead which means I did not exactly make a killer margarita but I don't think it is the fault of the recipe. And as I type this after a few sips of my marvel, I'm thinking maybe it's not so bad after all. We'll see hw the typng goes.

If this is not great, I think much can be attributed to the tequila I was able to procure. You know you're in trouble when the only bottle of tequila to be found in the store has a little plastic sombrero for a bottle cap. Would you buy a scotch that had a plastic kilt label? I think not.

I did find find Cointreau that did not appear to be knock-offs like the Sony batteries I buy here. And I did find fresh limes, although I don't know where they are from other than not Hungary. Most likely Mediterranean. My simple syrup was simple. You were right about that. I used 6 limes which produced one cup of juice, hand squeezed. I followed your recipe exactly, only bastardizing it by pouring everything over half a blender of ice cubes and blending. The measurements were 2/3 cup of the fresh lime juice, 1 cup Tequila, 1/3 cup syrup and 1/3 cup Cointreau.

I am not a purist, as you can tell. I just like a good margaritas and the only reason I am resorting to making one from scratch is because it would take Sherlock Holmes to find even a marginally acceptable mix around here.

This is quite good. I might even forget about the mix I usually buy when I'm in Canada (Bacardi frozen margarita mix). Thanks for this.


These are delicious. I drank 4 just testing the no more than two rule. I advise no more than 3, even for the most avid drinker. I made them a couple of nights ago with a 1(water):1(sugar) simple syrup, and tonight with a 1(water):2(sugar) simple syrup. The 1:1 was much better.
BTW, I typed this post after four drinks.

Dave Marsh

I have been making the margarita and sticking pretty close to your recipe. They are marvelous. Sometimes if I have alot of people that are going to drink them, I will use a little margartia mix just to make it go farther. Thanks for the recipe.


Dude! this is AWESOME! Pretty easy to make, and tastes great.
My wife and I are big noobs and we like the blendy kind - basically I did what the canuck did above and made enough margarita to fill half the blender the filled the rest with chunk ice you get in a bag - blend it up for a few and BAM insta-margarita! Thanks for the great recipe my friend, and good tip on the 100% agave!


Just one last Tip for a Great Margarita! When you add the Salt to the Rim of your Glass.......Tilt the Glass Upside Down and make sure that the Salt Coats Only the Outside Rim of the Glass! In fact...Use your finger to remove any Salt that may fall into your glass. Your last taste of your Margarita should not be a lump of Salt!

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