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Monday, October 24, 2005


John Dillon

Just a side note; there is an archeological site on location at Chico's. Although I had always made it a point to go there on holiday I didn't find out about this until my last visit. To say it blew my mind would be an understatement.


Watch out for your bill

Seafood is OK if you don’t mind the oil. The diving is speculator and view is great.
They hard sell the expensive seafood combo plate. The told me lobster is included but they gave me crawfish (looks like small lobster) instead. Then they play ignorance game between the owner and the waiter. BTW, they charged me $3300 but the bill is actually $1800. Check your bill carefully if you go to this plan.

Ed Fladung

Thomas: FWIW!! The behavior you describe is SOP at these kinds of restaurants. It's part of the learning process. For the most part I am not a fan of Mexican mariscos. They are expensive and to my taste not well prepared. I usually go for the fish or the traditional Mexican specialties (chili rellenos, tampiquena, Mexican plate).

Asics shoes

very cool space! I love your taste and it looks like it'd be so much fun to poke around in there... I used to live in DE but am now in VA, but if I ever go back that way to visit family I'd love to see it in person :)

Debra Goodson

Just back from eating a lobster and steak lunch At Chico's. It was very good but, as described above, the bill was a bit in error. It was corrected when we called their attention to it though AND there is still a guy that dives from the top of the large boulder. We were seated with a great view and a wonderful breeze. Just check your bill but good foodWish I'd known about the archealogical site! Where is that? I did photograph a large boulder that had some markings on it that looked interesting to me when I was hiking over to Chico's and I wondered if there was more of that type of thing around but didn't run across it.

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